Camp Knife Test Series Part 1, Equip 2 Endure
I got a few knives for a camp knife test for blades in that 6″ to 7″ range. Including the Johnson Adventure Blades & Ka-Bar Potbelly, SOG Aura Camp Knife, KSR custom by Steve Randall Knives, Scharde Extreme Survival SCHF9, and the Cold Steel Bushman. Let me know what you guys think, second part coming soon!
– Adam

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KA-BAR Knife Review: Better than Ginsu for Hunting & Camping – FateofDestinee

I review a KABAR USMC combat knife. The vid starts out with a spoof on an old kitchen knife set commercial. The KABAR is well suited for camping, hunting or combat.

Duration : 0:5:35

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Camping/Hunting Knives

Today we’re taking a look at some of my fixed blade knives. Featuring two custom knives and sheaths made by my father; the SOG Gov-Tac, a mass production knife; and the Busse Boss Street, a modern custom knife.

Duration : 0:9:53

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Buck Knives Customer Service: Vantage Cure

Even the best manufacturers can have issues with quality control or unforeseen design problems. As the buyer, you should always give them the opportunity to fix the item. And there’s no better way to give them feedback than sending the item back with a letter explaining your concerns. I have been impressed with most knife manufacturers and their excellent customer when this has happened. Add Buck Knives to that list now. In correcting the blade centering issue in the Vantage knives they were prompt and forthcoming. These Vantage Pro knives were shipped promptly and the company vowed to correct the problem. With a well-centered blade within the handle, the Vantage Knives enter the Nutnfancy knife “Hall of Fame.”

Duration : 0:6:6

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SOGfari 18″ Machete by SOG Specialty Knives & Tools

Review of the SOGfari 18″ Machete made by SOG Specialty Knives and Tools. Great for camping and hiking. Includes nylon sheath with liner. Also, has saw back for light duty sawing.

Duration : 0:1:28

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SOG Knives

Here are my SOG knives, really like the SOG Aegis and the Flash II. Enjoy the video.

Duration : 0:5:38

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Buck Vantage knives: Design Excellence!

The Buck Vantage folding knives rock. They are high value, handsome, low profile, hard cutting designs that make stellar EDC choices. The Vantage also offers the buyer several options in steel and handle material: Vantage Select Large and Small with 420HC and sculpted Zytel scales; the Vantage Pro with S30V and sculpted G10 scales (good looking!); the Vantage Avid with 13C26 Sandvik┬« and again G10 scales. Large size Vantages have 3 1/4″ (8.3 cm) blades; the Small Vantage 2 5/8″ (6.7 cm) length. The looks on these knives are striking and yet provide solid ergonomics. The sculpted Zytel handles don’t provide a lot of traction but are good looking, light, and thin. The CNC contoured G10 scales on the Pro model add even better looks (the Avid features CNC contoured Charcoal Dymondwood┬« scales). The blade shape is superb and reminiscent of the uber-expensive Sebenza to me. It possesses a near-perfect form for all kinds of everyday cutting tasks with nice curvature (belly), sweep, swedge, polished flats, and a strong tip. It is hollow ground. Blade finishes are good with the S30V version showing a smoother satin finish with less pronounced striations. Any of the three steels offered should be excellent in role as well and I have been happy with the performance of my other Buck 420HC knives. Many will prefer the S30V Vantage Pro model for just a few more dollars/euros; it is an amazing value at around $40 (price, models all subject to change without updates here). The Vantage deploys fast and smooth with its unassisted flipper design and features an oblong deployment hole for secondary actuation as well. The liner lock design is thin and adequately strong and produces a very thin carry knife in pocket…another big advantage (or vantage!) to the design. Lockup is tight and solid in all directions in all models used and examined. Another homerun in design department is the deep carry, low profile, polished, high strength pocket clip: 10 out of 10. This is the best EDC pocket clip design I’ve seen. If its carry tension (against the pocket) is minimal, it is easy to rectify with removal of the Torx screws and do a little tweaking of the clip (I did). Carry weights are reasonable at 4.0 oz for Vantage Select Large, 2.4 oz Vantage Select Small, and 4.4 oz for Vantage Pro (G10 adds some micro ounces). As shown in the video however, blade centering in handle seems to be a quality control issue with current Buck Vantage knives and needs to be corrected; some models have the blade rubbing the liner. These knives will be sent back to Buck for service. But if Buck can square this issue away, the Buck Vantage is an amazing design and value achievement for this quintesscential American knife maker. Already it is a fast seller in their line and I predict it will be one of their most popular models ever. And even as it stands now, it achieves impressive ratings from me and enters into my BEST EDC playlist. /////////////////////////// Nutnfancy LIkability Scale: 10 out of 10 (price, centering problem fixed) /////////////////// Music:

Duration : 0:24:34

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SOG Fusion Fulcrum I Throwing Knives 3-Pack FL-11 Demonstration
Be the star of your next backyard competition with this set of three SOG Fusion Fulcrum I throwing knives. These SOG FL-11 knives are made of 420 stainless steel and are each 9.5 inches long. A sliding weight is integrated into each knife so you can adjust the center of gravity for a more precise throw. The black oxide coating on the knives keeps them looking sharp and free of corrosion for years of enjoyment.

Duration : 0:1:20

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Tactical knives & daggers

1. Benchmade Mini Presdio 535
2. Benchmade 705 (discontinued, smaller version of the 710)
3. Smith & Wesson: Homeland Security
4. Buck/ Strider 889 Military Folder (discontinued, was a Buck and Strider knives collaboration)
5. SOG Twitch 2
6. SOG Tomcat I (first generation Tomcat, named “Overall Knife of The Year” at the Blade show in 1988)
7. Cold Steel Kobun (discontinued)
8. SOG Pentagon (Seki Japan version)
9. SOG Sealpup Elite
10. Gerber Tac 2 (1980s commando knife)
11. SOG Seal 2000 (discontinued)
12. Pacific Cutlery (now known as Benchmade) Timba 771
13. Gerber Guardian Backup
14. Gerber LMF II
15. SOG Daggert 2
16. Columbia River Knife & Tool Hissatsu (designed by James Williams (head of Bugei)
17. Benchmade Benchmite 2

Duration : 0:5:50

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ToolLogic SL knives: Not-so-hokey

The world is full of ridiculous “survival” tools. But these aren’t them. Growing out of the “Companion” card tools, the company ToolLogic has expanded into making some interesting multi-function knife designs. Their upsides are well-designed and perfectlysized blades, lightweight, quality construction, fast deployment, tight lockup, good clip, and useful features. The piggyback tool design is well executed in polymer and it just works. All this at a very reasonable price. Downsides might be lack of ultimate strength, a lower quality 420J2 SS, and coarse serrations. However for a mere $20 to $25 the ToolLogic SL blades can make for useful EDC blades with additional features that might come in handy.

Duration : 0:10:0

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